It’s A CBD World

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD – an active but not psychoactive compound found in cannabis, has been credited with almost magical powers and Americans are turning to it in droves as a cure-all. Claims that it can combat everything from acne to depression are everywhere.

While scientists say that it has indeed proven useful for treating childhood epilepsy and may be useful for curing insomnia, anxiety, and some chronic pain many of its other “benefits” have yet to be proven. That hasn’t stopped Americans from at least trying CBD.

According to a new Gallup Poll on CBD use, 14% or about 1 in 7 US adults personally use CBD products. Not surprisingly, the highest percentages of usage come in the 18-29 age group at 20% and in Western states 21%. Only 8% of those over 65 and 11% of those between 50 and 64 use CBD.

Some 40% of those who do use CBD take it for various kinds of pain. The next most common uses are to treat anxiety (20%), insomnia (11%), arthritis (8%), with migraines and stress accounting for 5% each.

Also, 4% of survey respondents said they use the substance for recreational purposes and 1% give it to their pets. The use of CBD products has erupted since the federal government legalized them in December, even though the FDA is still conducting research and looking for ways to regulate the industry since CBD is sold as a dietary supplement and is not regulated for purity or safety.

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