Pets, CBD and the 4th of July

With the 4th of July only a day away, don’t be surprised if you hear fireworks going off all weekend. The sudden, loud noises can be very triggering for anxious pets, causing many of them to run away, hide, and become ill during the holiday week.


Try to keep anxious pets inside as much as possible this weekend. You can even try white noise to drown out the sounds of nightly celebrations, but maybe try using CBD oil to treat your pet’s anxiety.

If you want to keep your pets calm during the fireworks show, then CBD is the way to go. CBD oil comes from hemp-derived cannabis plants but doesn’t produce a high. You can get CBD drops, pills, and even treats for your pets. Many owners swear by it, however like most research regarding CBD… there haven’t been a lot of studies with conclusive evidence on how oil CBD oil impacts animals, just testimonials.

If you are considering CBD for your pet’s anxiety, consult a veterinarian that has experience working with CBD. Also…

  • Do your research
  • Buy from a reputable company
  • Follow the product’s recommended dosing guidelines
  • Be careful about mixing CBD with any prescription medications your pet already uses

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